At all levels of an organization, we believe that Leadership is based on individual & team awareness and responsibility. 

By integrating Leadership, Strategy, and Culture, a business has the highest success but that begins with the people within the business. Whether that’s a business of one or many.

Our Coaching and Consulting programs provide individuals with a holistic approach, or targeted interventions, to give you the highest impact towards your goals. Our aim is to genuinely provide the support and guidance for our Clients, including our internal customers (our GWC Staff) to achieve, maintain, and continuously improve their Processes-of-Success.

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our core values


Simplicity takes time, but digging-deep to answer difficult questions helps you avoid costly, sometimes devastating mistakes later.


A stellar Leader seeks opportunities for continuous improvement while having accountability for their work and results.

High Standards

We do not settle for “status-quo”. We embed superior quality in our Services and Products.


Trust is earned so we relentlessly strive to be Customer-centric, reliable, honest, value-added and down-to-Earth! We value constructive-feedback.

Deep Understanding

“The deeper we dig, the more likely we’ll strike Gold.” We investigate new avenues of thought because we are inquisitive by nature. We appreciate the journey of studying the multiple-causes of a single root-cause.

Ethical Practices

Our decisions and actions are weighed against the righteousness of Morals & Ethics. We self-reflect asking ourselves, “Because ‘I could’, does it mean ‘I should’?

Empathetic Leadership

A strong Leader has genuine interest in bettering others’ lives, mental well-being, and sees challenges as growth opportunities. They can sense and feel the array of downstream impacts of the decisions they make.

Work-Life Balance

One’s time and energy is of great value. The level of investment you make in the health of your Mind & Body can determine if you’re in Bliss or Crisis.

Client/Customer Focused

We strive to genuinely provide support and guidance for our clients and customers, including internal customers (our GWCLC Staff), to achieve, maintain, and continuously improve their Processes-of-Success.

Leaders of the Tech-Industry

We leverage the Business and Leadership knowledge gained through our years of hands-on experience at Big-Tech and Fortune 500 companies, applying adult-learning, behavioral studies, Lean manufacturing, and AI/Machine Learning approaches.


Our pioneering spirit is nourished by applied research and calculated-risks. Opportunities are taken to incorporate and apply varying philosophies of success.

The way you lead not only defines how successful you are, it impacts those around you.

A strong Leader strives to achieve their goals and find fulfillment in the work they do to give balance to your career and personal life.

At Golden West Consulting and Learning Center we utilize applications and theories from Psychology and Big-Tech to help positively improve the mindset of your “inner-org.”

Meet the Team

She brings her first hand knowledge of running a successful practice and clinical knowledge to support mental health professionals.

Veronica Anderson 

Founder, Clinical Director & CEO of a group practice.

He brings 25-years of overseeing Leadership & Development programs at FAANG and Fortune 500 Organizations, applying Adult Learning, Behavioral Studies, Lean Manufacturing, and AI/Machine Learning methodologies.

Michael Anderson 

Executive Consultant & Certified Professional Leadership Coach

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Transforming Leaders in the Mental Health and Tech Industries

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