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Hi, I'm Michael Anderson

I am a Certified Neurolinguistic-Programming Master-Practitioner and a Certified Leadership & Executive Coach. I have 25+ years in Operations and Sr. Global Leadership roles at Amazon, AmazonBusiness, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, and Old Navy. I have a genuine understanding of the multi-dimensional challenges leaders are faced with, the value of continuously honing one’s mind & actions, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

My Story

During my time at Amazon, I was also a faculty member at Amazon’s Operational Leadership Institute in Phoenix, AZ where I authored and delivered behavior-based training. This training was delivered to all newly hired Leaders, ranging from a recent college-graduate to a Sr. Executive who would be working on Jeff Bezos initiatives.

Understanding my mix of customers, I designed-in real-time scenarios, creating an empathetic program for teaching how the business decisions made by our Leaders in corporate roles have a downstream impact on the Leaders and their teams working in the Fulfillment Centers.

Professional Life

My professional life has been in the field of behavioral-studies, with the latter years of my career having a focus on the integration of Adult-Learning into the world of Artificial-Intelligence, Machine-Learning, and the meta-verse. My broad range of professional oversight includes conducting organizational-behavior assessments and implementation of culture-change plans in both union and non-union environments; to pioneering a first-in-kind, award-winning Virtual-Reality meta-verse to train individuals how to safely and efficiently operate vehicles within Amazon fulfillment-centers.

I apply the learnings within the systems, standards and processes utilized in Big-Tech, to assist my clients by raising their awareness of their “behavioral-data” relative to a person’s learning, muscle-memory and decision-making, or simply stated, one’s “behavioral-algorithm.”

Having held an array of roles dedicated to studying human-behavior, I’ve had the opportunity to observe a person’s learning- preference, muscle-memory and decision-making (or one’s “behavioral-algorithm”). I now provide my high-caliber clients an Executive Coaching experience utilizing the same pioneering thought-processes, tactics, and strategies from some of Earth’s premier customer-centric companies.



My Background

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) dives into one’s thought processes, exploring your conscious and subconscious communications, mindsets and beliefs. Areas that one wants to improve are identified and brought into awareness to study at a deeper level. A measurable Plan (or Program) is developed using a variety of techniques, often designed employing methodologies from several applied-disciplines.

This is at the heart of creating behavioral change to your Leadership style.


Lean Manufacturing Methodology

Apply 5S techniques to “declutter the mind” to enhance decision-making skills

Identify which thoughts and actions are forms of Muda/Waste contributing to mental-fatigue

Use 5-Why’s on your WINS to find the steps and root- causes of your Success



My Background

We apply mentally & inwardly the same Lean problem-solving strategies, tactics and tools you are likely currently utilizing to continuously-improve the efficiency of your Business processes.

clients learn how they can:


My Background

Machine Learning and AI

AI/Machine-Learning strategies are utilized in the deep-diving into one’s Linguistic Operating System (speech, text, body language, intent, and associated emotions), or, said differently, gaining insight on the physics of what influences a person’s “Behavioral-Algorithm” in their Quantum-Mind.

Just as Machine-Learning studies how you learn, we work to discover how you prefer to learn, your learning patterns, strengths and opportunities. Understanding your personal data assists in developing achievable action plans designed to suit your specific learning needs.



My Background

Big Tech

My experience working in Global Leadership & Development for Big-Tech provides the opportunity to teach, apply and study the psychology of the Individual- and the Collective-mindset, from Local to Global levels.

I provide first-hand insight and application into the Thinking, Development, Operations, and Strategies from some of Earth’s premier Customer-centric companies.


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