Executive Consulting & Leadership Development Coaching

Successful leaders invest in themselves by challenging the status-quo mindset.

Working with Golden West Consulting is your opportunity to strengthen your skills as you amplify the investment in the "Business of You".


They look for opportunities to deep-dive into their thought processes and take ownership of their decisions.

Executive Consulting / Leadership & Development Coaching

Has the “Internal-Leader” voice in your head gone silent or is having difficulty providing the on-the-spot answers you’re in need of?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the unforeseen challenges in your career?

Maybe you’re finding it difficult to meet the expectations of your manager/team?

And, with all that’s going on, you still seek opportunities to improve, support and motivate your-self?

Together, we’ll identify measurable ways to fulfill your unique work/life challenges, while using methodologies to sustain and enrich your plan as you achieve your goals.

By examining the multi-dimensions impacting the “Business of You”, we gain insight into understanding your "unique-algorithm". We will work together from multiple vantage-points and depths to design measurable and sustaining plans.

Executive Consulting & Leadership
Development Coaching is relevant for all levels of your career.

It enriches the development of both new and experienced Leaders.

Serves as a Mentor to new Leaders, teaching how to be productive and how to efficiently apply their newfound skills.

Opportunity for tenured Leaders to hone their talents, introducing fresh ways of applying thinking and providing further depth to their already proven skill-sets.

Whether you’re a People Manager overseeing a team of talented individuals, or are leading a Team-of-One as an Individual Contributor or a Mental Health Professional working in an agency, developing your Leadership skills is essential to become a highly successful and sought-out individual.

Often Leaders spend their Professional Development budgets to attend Training seminars and workshops. Adding a Leadership Coach offers an option that is personalized to the specific needs of you and your team.

As with other skills, your Leadership Skills are learned and
can be fine-tuned. These skills also require the necessary
nourishment and strength-training to stay thriving and in peak condition.

Having a Coach provides you a professional who understands and genuinely displays the importance of integrating empathy when crafting your business decisions, management styles, and in your day-to-day conversations.

be the leader that creates a team of leaders


to That

Struggling to keep a team resiliency high and retention up.

Create a team that can bounce back during rough seasons and not bounce on you.

Continuous team communication misfires.

Deepen understanding and communication between teammates while improving your communication skills.

Micromanaging teams to ensure work is completed.

Build autonomous teams that are rooted in policies so you can get back to the work you enjoy most.

Running around trying to wrangle your team to prioritize deliverables.

Develop a stronger sense of time management & confidence in your actions.

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Coaching vs Therapy

The significance between Coaches and Therapists is that Coaches do not treat trauma or provide a diagnosis.

The primary duty of our Executive Coaches is to assist our clients in determining where they are now in their career, where they would like to be in the future, and building plans or utilizing tools to achieve these goals. While our client’s past is not the main focus, the past is discussed to gain perspective into current life experiences and belief systems.

Therapists are primarily focused on a client’s past to determine how it is affecting their mental health in the present.

Therapists may help clients set goals and make changes in their behavior, but Therapists undergo extensive schooling and have clinical experience in order to counsel their clients, addressing issues stemming from physical/mental trauma, abuse, or addiction.



Are you struggling to hone in on your goals in a specific way, unable to see your blindspots and want to create systematic growth in the business of you?

Balance your input, output, and energy.

Learn new methods to focus and practice expressing "No" in non-offensive ways.

Focus on being honest with ourselves and one another, as well as having some excellent, natural dialogues about our current lives, anxieties, and feelings.

To keep your life streamlined, create a toolkit of useful and vital tools.

A set of skills to help you increase your productivity and stay focused.

A well-thought-out, clearly defined strategic direction with actions & outcomes.

Here's exactly what you'll get working with us:

And at the end of your day you’ll spend more time focused on the tasks that matter to you most.

To successfully influence the work of others and career growth, Leaders must: 

It's imperative for Leaders to be aware of their internal signals and understand how their behaviors impact performance and those around them. 

be aware of what is going on around them,
be mindful of what they are experiencing in the moment,
and acknowledge the experience of others. 

Your success will be determined by how successfully you fulfill your function as a Leader and respected professional, which demands the ability to interact with people from various backgrounds, positions, and temperaments.

Recognize and evaluate your communication, decision-making, conflict-resolution, and leadership abilities and styles.

Examine your influence on coworkers and those with whom you interact, as well as their perceptions of you as a leader.

Create a personalized professional development plan that emphasizes interpersonal and social-competency objectives.

Develop knowledge in the principles of verbal and nonverbal communication that are crucial to gaining interest and support.

Instill self-assurance in a variety of job and social circumstances.

Study and measure. Together we keep track of how you’re progressing towards your goals, what tools are working/not-working, and your level of positive-impact. We’ll deep-dive, study, and adjust our focus of energy based on what we discover through your journey.

We’ll accompany you through a process in refining your social competences and achieving professional objectives, as well as methods to handling the human element of leadership.

our services include:

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To respect your time (and ours) an application will help fast track if we’re a good fit or not.

We tend to book out - so go ahead and fill out an application TODAY. Clients who book in advance end up being more prepared than “I needed this done yesterday” panic stricken call - we’ve all been there, but this time around let’s set you up for success sooner than later.

We’ll treat your business like our own....
which means we don’t just work with anyone.

Our sessions are tailored to complement or enhance your goals and initiatives.

In some instances, you may be introduced to industry resources and procedures that are completely new to you; in others, we may "remix" those established Processes and Philosophies you may be currently using or already are familiar with.

While the principles are the same the difference between Executive Consulting and Leadership Development Coaching services is that executive consulting is about refining & honing in more deeply on Foundational Principles. When used just right they have the potential to propel a career or organization beyond previous thought capabilities.

The information you provide is crucial to establish what is required to create change and determine your overall goals and success criteria.

Enhanced Strategic & Tactical Planning (Game Theory)

Micro & Macro Behavior Changing (Self and Organizational Culture)

Integrating Empathy into One’s Decision Making

Strengthening Problem Solving Skills

Leadership Team Development

Balancing Work-Life Ratio

Determine A Plan.

$300 per session

Sessions include topics and objectives such as:

Payment Plan Available

Check with your Employer about using EAP services to pay for Executive Consulting & Leadership Coaching!

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