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Personalized Mental Health Private Practice Coaching and Consulting 

Simplicity is key when building your dream Mental Health Private Practice. Especially when your main focus is on your Clients!

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When we think about starting a business it’s normal to overthink, over-complicate and overwhelm yourself. 

Only to end up in a never ending cycle of planning, stuck in a dream state, or a pattern of following the fun shiny material item “because it’s for the business!”

A vast majority of amazing businesses never leave the idea phase because chances are you have a lot on your plate and you don’t have the time to figure it all out on your own.

Your time is valuable which is why we designed programs that give you step by step processes in private practice from start up, sustaining and scaling for a successful business.

Here's the secret to success...

Planning & Implementing an actionable Business Plan

Develop efficient Processes and Procedures

Management of your Time & Resources

Manage change within the Mental Health Industry

Merging Ethical Business & Clinical best-practices together

Feel empowered to work Remotely, In-person or Hybrid

We’ll find the missing puzzle pieces and give you the steps you need to build and maintain a Practice that leaves you feeling confident. By building processes that merge your clinical and business identities you can focus on your true mission of your business.

Simplicity. Consistency. Process.

gain knowledge in:

...because when you are focused on dreams such as yours, you require results. Our time is finite, which means that the time you spend working on building your practice, needs to be purposeful to move it forward.

The act of planning helps you to think things through, study and understand your business. It helps you to also look at the realities of your business critically. 

Planning a sustainable business takes time and digging deep to answer difficult questions that will help you to avoid costly, or even devastating mistakes later.

Creating your ideal business plan will give you a clear view of your business’ past, present and future.

Giving you peace of mind that your Practice is functioning for long-term success.

First we'll discuss what's currently going on in your Practice, where you want to see it go, and what you'd like to accomplish in our collaboration.

We'll come up with your personal and professional formula, agree on it, and hold each other accountable for our respective responsibilities in making it a reality.

This effort is crucial as it creates the groundwork for you to take action towards momentum and achieve outcomes. You'll see results in record time thanks to 15+ years of tried--and-true materials and exercises that give you scaleable impact.

We’ll sink into your Vision, Goals, Struggles, Excitements, Purpose, and Objectives in working together.

Imagine going from:


to That

Spinning your wheels trying to find the sweet spot between clinical notes and administrative duties. 

Building a reliable business structure that leaves you with more time for you.

Bleeding funds into professional services that no longer make sense for your business .

Creating, implementing, and maintaining a high quality business plan that meets your Practice goals, values and mission. 

Anxiety about enforcing your company Policies to clients and staff.

Confidently rest knowing the Policies and Procedures you create supports your clinical and business process. 

Freezing at your computer at the sheer thought of looking at an insurance claim. 

Organizing your time and building systems that will support you to complete the most important tasks for your business with ease and confidence.   

We’ll be there with you every step of the way, guiding you through the inevitable roadblocks, preparing you for new Clients, setting boundaries, establish high-performance routines and habits, all to build your Center of Excellence.

Scrambling to maintain client paperwork, insurance claims, phone calls, and billing. 

Create a formula that puts tasks on autopilot so you focus on the work you enjoy most.

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The Truth is, I’m a bit of a geek with what I do.

As Counselors and Therapists it’s overwhelming enough managing our client’s mental health struggles, that adding on learning how to manage the nitty-gritty of a business can be overwhelming.

One of my favorite - yes favorite - sides of Coaching & Consulting with other Mental Health Professionals is finding your formula of:

Sustainability + Personal Practice Goals = Profitability

Let's geek out on your Practice Together!

We’ll take that information and strategize an actionable plan that meets the needs of your lifestyle.

At Golden West Consulting & Learning Center we define profit monetarily & in time. Your time is just as valuable as your business dreams!

No matter your business goals as your personal strategist I’ll be sure keep what’s most important to you in mind and help you weave them in your business formula!

The first item we tackle is to define your Personal Practice goals.

Kind Words

from Clients

"The coaching hit all the points about beginning a business and private practice that grad school misses. . I gained the understanding that I did not have to manage everything by myself. Veronica's support through the whole process was a much-needed help. You will get plenty of one-on-one time, which you'll want more. IF you have ever had any reservations about opening your own practice, ever felt that grad school missed the whole business side of therapy, or want out of community mental health, Veronica's and GWC's business coaching is the place you want to go. I cannot express how valuable my time with GWC has helped me grow both as a therapist and as a business owner. GWC truly is the best around"

- Cody McCall, LMHC

Eiri Therapy, PLLC 

We have your Mental Health business covered!

Private Practice Coaching & Consulting Programs

Schedule your first call and tell us all about your passion and goals in Private Practice.
We’ll tell you about what to expect in transforming the way you approach your business goals.

From Private Practice Start-Up... Building Sustainable Processes... Scaling with Purpose

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Mental Health Private Practice Start-Up Coaching

Owning a Private Practice is exciting, liberating and full of potential, but being the boss can also be overwhelming and challenging. As a Mental Health Practice Owner, you have a responsibility to deliver excellent, ethical care. It also means you are responsible for the Paperwork, Accounting, Insurance, Technology, Marketing, Office, Billing, and so much more. Get the foundations you need through our Signature Program.

Create a complete dynamic & actionable Business Plan

Setting up your business (In-person, Online or Hybrid)

Setting up your Clinical Practice

Your Marketing Plan must haves!

Insurance credentialing

How and when to take the leap from your 9-5 to Private Practice.

Practice Documents

Core Topics

$300 per session

Payment Plan Available

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Build a clinical process that increases potential clients turning into actual Clients

Effectively communicate to clients about Office Policies

Ensure your notes meet the needs of an ethical Private Practice and increase being paid by Insurance

Implement processes that lessen your time completing Administrative tasks

Using your EHR system with confidence!

What you should know before you hire an Accountant, Biller or Marketing Professional for your business

Understand Insurance Billing basics

Refine your Marketing Strategy to get our phone ringing.

Turn potential Clients into actual Clients

Core Topics

$300 per session

Payment Plan Available


Building Sustainable Processes Coaching

Often times Owners need a person to come in and create effective processes in order to merge the gap between clinical and business effectiveness. We step in with in- depth tools used in the Mental Health field and Tech Industry. Why? Because a Modern Professional such as yourself requires tech in your Practice to create the ease and automation needed to meet the needs of your Clients.

Refining your process will set you up for years or prepare you for growth strategy planning.

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Hiring & Onboarding of staff

Building your company Policy and Procedures

Communicating Company Guidelines to staff

Upleveling your Marketing Strategy

Insurance Credentialing staff

Employees vs Independent Contractors

Adding 401k & Healthcare to your Practice

What to do when you outgrow your Bookkeeper or other Contracted staff

Building new and refining old Processes to meet the needs of your growing Practice

Core Topics



Scale with Purpose Consulting

We build your custom-made ‘Scale with Purpose’ Blueprint, complete with Front & Back office management tools and Marketing Strategy & Implementation. This is a mix of part-intensive Coaching and part-dynamic Consulting to help you develop the ideal approach for ‘Scaling with Purpose’ Strategy.

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