Workshops for Mental Health Private Practice Owners

Don’t have the time to spend month-after-month taking it slow, or maybe you want to accelerate your goals? 

Our Workshops are focused with you in mind. You won’t find idealistic suggestions or veague yah-da yah-das. Only wisdom, resources, and guidance. 


Large financial contributor in your home

Being a parent

Working a full-time job as you build your Practice

Community responsibilities (such as a volunteering)

Our Curriculums are designed to assist you in building a successful business despite having other important life roles, such as: 

We support you in leveling-up your business no matter how high your staircase.

With all of these roles – and more – our Workshops are jammed packed with valuable resources you need to accelerate and maintain your productive & practical business, no matter your role.

Dreams have multi-levels.

Learn how the most successful Private Practice Owners in Mental Health plan their ongoing success.

When a Workshop is complete you’ll have the know-how to build on the same Principles for your own Practice and create your own personalized actionable plan…

A real actionable plan… not just a “formal business plan” 

Walk away from our Workshops with energy, focus and a take-home Guidebook to build your Sustainable & Profitable business. From easy-to-follow steps, process tools and accountability, you’ll get the skills to take your dream of a Private Practice to a realistic achievable plan. 


Our Workshops will help you proactively identify your BIG goals for the future, translate them into a execution plan and track progress.

Join us at our next Workshop and hone in on your goals in specific & targeted ways that give you the steps for developing a fruitful & focused business structure. 

You’ll set up and maintain strategic planning Policies within your Practice and create ongoing Process & progress.

As a Small-business Owner, you undoubtedly envision a variety of scenarios for your business. Knowing where to begin a project is maybe the most crucial stage in getting you where you want to go. Not only will our objectives be crystal clear, but we'll also teach you how to reproduce techniques that you can use again and again to ensure that you achieve your objectives.


01. Clarify Goals

A key factor to success is mastering goal-setting and learning how to make a habit out of Accountability and Process:

Emotionally connecting to why is essential in understanding your if, when, and how you'll achieve your objectives. Knowing and feeling your why will put you on the path to success. You'll get closer to attaining your goals if you give yourself permission to care profoundly about the outcomes you want for yourself.


02. Connecting to Your “Why”

A key factor to success is mastering goal-setting and learning how to make a habit out of Accountability and Process:

Nothing is more exhilarating than seeing yourself approach your business as if it were impactful, growth provoking and yes, enjoyable. What you "do" professionally will never seem like work again once you've identified what you're most passionate about and linked it to a scalable Business Plan. It's vital to create a strategy where you can connect the dots and make a plan.


03. Match Your Passion to your Mission

A key factor to success is mastering goal-setting and learning how to make a habit out of Accountability and Process:

We establish tools and habits to ensure you stay in a positive, solution-focused head space (no, not that solution-focused - well, sort of…). Focusing on the health of your mindset is key in maintaining momentum in your Business Strategy. A powerful & positive mindset is the key to getting our goals met. It’s time for you to experience the professional transformation you deserve in your business.


04. Strengthen Your Mindset

A key factor to success is mastering goal-setting and learning how to make a habit out of Accountability and Process:

In our Workshops your learn how to breakthrough the obstacles.

Instead, you will... 

Workshops focus on tools and skills on maintaining and growing your business. 

Keep in mind we factor TIME into the profit formula, so you’ll know we always have work/life balance as a high priority. 

Our Workshops teach you how to establish a business from the ground up. We don’t just stop at starting a business, we support you through the entire process. 

As a result, you'll be able to establish a wildly profitable business by taking easy measurable steps.

Break the cycle of hyper-action followed by months of inaction.

Get the tools you need to market your business on a consistent, easy-to-follow manner that attracts Clients quickly and steadily. 

Set up a simple Business Plan that is calculated to meet your targets 

Learn to attract your Ideal Clients in a style that is natural to you and results in a potential client becoming a client, rather than feeling the need to persuade. 

You’ll feel inspired to take action and know how to obtain measurable & actual results. The courses themselves are meant to give you the tools, tips and resources in a condensed time frame, but laid out in a way that balances all of life's demands.

Accelerate your goals through a Workshop with a “jetpack” fueled full of tools, tips, & resources.


Our Workshops are available in both Virtual and In-person formats.

If you’re dreaming of…

A career that gives you freedom, fulfillment & meaning.

An escape from working for an employer whose mission you’re not aligned with.

Helping people - truly helping people - to change their lives or the better.

A flexible career where you set your hours.

The ability to create a business structure that is in person, online or both!

No longer feeling frustrated, disappointed, trapped and full of self doubt.

Join us at one of our Workshops and create your Center of Excellence! 


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