Center of Excellence Membership

The success of a business hinges on it’s vision and ecosystem led by the business Owner. 

When creating your Center of Excellence it must include an in-depth view of your blindspots, have the motivation to sustain the ups & downs, and have the level of accountability one would have as if they were being watched! 


Include the Center of Excellence Membership to your formula of success and build the habits needed to maintain your goals towards Excellence!

You made it through the first steps or years as a business Owner. 

However, you’ve found it isn't quite what you expected. 

The reality is that, despite your efforts, you aren't as far ahead as you might have imagined and you’re struggling to keep the momentum.

You have questions that your fellow colleagues can’t answer or maybe nobody seems to be interested in talking about AND finding solutions to our unique business struggles.

That deserves celebration!! 

A Mental Health Private Practice is a PRACTICE!

Just like supporting your Clients in creating insights and solutions that must be repeated over and over to create change - you too go through a similar process in molding your clinical mindset, business mindset and your unique business goals into one. 

It takes time for business Owners to trust & maintain the habits learned to support a profitable business. 

These habits that are best supported through a team of like-minded individuals.

The Center of Excellence Membership is a program for Mental Health Entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to assist you in transitioning from being overwhelmed and alone to being the leader of your business with confidence, motivation and accountability with other Owners that are as passionate about your practice as you are.

You're not just starting a small business; you're launching a mission.

This Membership is aimed towards those who are:

Dedicated learners

Looking for accountabili-buddies

Interested in highly-effective premium knowledge and tools that will take you to the next level  

Struggling with procrastination

Striving to fill in the gaps in their business’ performance

Seeking training content that is fresh, edgy, and informative


Become a Center of Excellence Member

Where Coaching, Do-It-Yourself, & Community come together.

Don’t keep signing up for every free business startup worksheet you find under the Sun! You know the ones that keep missing the mark on giving you the real information you need?

Get real support from monthly live High-Tea with the CEO, insider resources that advances your growth, support from like minded business owners, plus so much more!


Annual Access

We take on a limited amount of Business Owners at a time to focus on the attention you need.


Monthly Access


High-Tea With the CEO

This can put a lot of pressure on a Practice and its Leader. At this stage, the most prevalent business issues are related to time, accountability and processes. Each month we will talk about the tips & tools that will keep you focused, accountable & excited about your Practice. 

We’ll keep you balanced when the “wobbles” happen 

Join Center of Excellence Membership with Veronica Anderson Founder, CEO & Clinical Director as she becomes your hybrid Coach.

Be part of monthly High-Tea Video calls with Veronica Anderson.

Growth tends to throw you and your business off balance, creating an unsettling " wobble" effect. 


Monthly Mini Courses

There is a wide range of topics addressed and are largely based the requests from our Members. Some topics are:

Each month you’ll receive a carefully curate mini course that includes actionable, practical lessons and inspiration to help you continue on your path. 

Activating your inner-Business Leader

Personal and Professional Development, 

Self-Care in the midst of it all

Communicating your dream to hired staff

Change Management

When going back to planning is needed

Time Management tools

Direct communication does not equal confrontational communication with staff

Social Media tips & tricks for Counselors and Therapists


Tools, Templates and Other Exclusive Content.

Get Premium & Exclusive one-of-a-kind content based on the latest and innovative needs of your business. Receive bonus content not provided to the general public 

Some examples are:

Be the first to receive new resources

Branding Templates

Project Management tools


Client Forms

Process building Packets

Trade Secrets

Extended interview content

Social Media tips & tricks for Counselors and Therapists


Exclusive Center of Excellence Community

Make connections with those who share your interests. 

Share experiences, build organic accountability, congratulate each other on victories, seek out creative collaborations, build a network, and support one another! (That was a mouthful, but you get all this and more!)

You'll appreciate our Exclusive Community, which allows you to connect with other Mental Health Counselors & Therapists on the same journey.

High-Tea With the CEO

A cup of tea is in my hand any time of the day, all day long. Savory, fruity, herbally, I love it all. As my Group Practice grew online, monthly “Virtual Tea” with my staff was created to stay connected.

High-Tea with the CEO stems from this idea:

I’m a self proclaimed nerd & perfectionist. I love figuring out patterns & puzzles; it’s the main reason I went into the mental health field. This joy has now extended to helping you figure out your own business patterns along with mentoring to help you put the pieces of your Private Practice together.. 

Get your burning questions about mental health private practice answered with me, Veronica Anderson a CEO who has been there.

Be ready for lots of information:

I don’t hoard secrets or formulas for your business like dangling carrots

I don’t believe that you have to hire staff to run a business

I also don’t believe that you HAVE to do all the components of running a business yourself

I believe that there is a hustle to this business, but it can be built from a place of Ethics & sustainability, profitability, humbleness and, most of all, ease.

I enjoy knocking down myths in the Mental Health field and about Private Practice. 

We’ll get down to the nitty gritty of what’s happening NOW in the Mental Health field.


Annual Access


Monthly Access

Become a Center of Excellence Member

We take on a limited amount of Business Owners at a time to focus on the attention you need.

Looking for one on one support?
Are Workshops more your speed? 

Do you prefer dedicated one-on-one support to reach your goals as fast and efficiently as possible? This is a fantastic option for you if you want personalized assistance to help you succeed without the large group!

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Business development and management in Private Practice can be time consuming. Get all the tools needed to accelerate your business in a Workshop.

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